We’re members of the world’s leading food industry trade bodies, giving us the edge when it comes to testing, development, certification and safety.
Organic Farmers and Growers certification means our products, processing and storage meet their strict organic criteria. 
Because we’re certified by BRCGS, you know our food safety standards are rigorous and our processes safe. 
The On-Pack Recycling Label scheme helps us improve the recyclability of our packaging and to get our recycling labelling right.
Sedex is the world’s leading ethical trade organisation, dedicated to helping its members make supply chains fairer and more equitable.
Access to Campden BRI’s testing and development facilities helps us maintain the standards of our products. 
LACA is the trade organisation for school caterers. Membership means we understand and can meet the unique needs of the education sector.
The Soil Association’s Food for Life sets high standards for public sector catering. As an FFL supplier, we’ll help your kitchens meet them.  
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